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BT&C  Planing Stop - In use.BT&C  Planing Stop - In use.
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- In use.
BT&C  Planing Stop| - In use.
BT&C  Planing Stop| - The regular stop (mounted) and a hardened stop
BT&C  Planing Stop| - Ready for action - Attaching the stop to the end of the bench using a 4" 1/4-20 screw and a barrel nut.
BT&C  Planing Stop| - End mount with a knob instead of a bolt.
BT&C  Planing Stop| - Safe and turned out of the way - Attaching the stop to the end of the bench using a 4" 1/4-20 screw and a barrel nut.
BT&C  Planing Stop|
BT&C  Planing Stop|
BT&C  Planing Stop| - A Tray of hardened stops waiting for packaging
BT&C  Planing Stop| - A method for mounting the planing stop on a 3/4" dowel so that it doesn’t twist. Any play can be taken up with the screw.
BT&C  Planing Stop| - The planing stop is illustrated in Joseph Moxon’s 1678 "Mechanick Exercises"
BT&C  Planing Stop| - The stop is small enough to fit atop a 3/4" square dog
BT&C  Planing Stop| - If you have a tailvise this is all you need to do to get your planing stop going.
BT&C  Planing Stop| - Ideally you would want a little vertical adjustment of the stop in case the workpiece has a rounded corner and won’t grab.

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 One Mild Steel Stop With Screws ($18.95) In Stock New Style!
 One Hardened Stop With Screws ($32.95) In Stock New Style!
A planing stop is a great way to quickly immobilize your material so that you can easily plane it.

We took all we knew about planing stops - centuries of information and material - and poured it into our design for the BT&C Planing Stop. Here’s a quick summary of some of the design features we included in this tiny workholding powerhouse. If you want more information about the design and suggested methods of installation, click on the link below.

The most important feature of a planing stop is that it grabs the wood and holds it down. The BT&C Planing Stop features scalloped teeth with thin sharp points that can easily grab the wood along with a strong base that ensures that the teeth do not bend. The teeth penetrate deeply into the wood with minimal markings. The scallops are also pretty shallow, giving a long wide edge for the wood to engage with past the points. The spacing of the teeth are fairly fine. You’ll get more tooth engagement on narrow boards being planed on edge and therefore stability than you’d get with a coarse tooth pattern.

The BT&C stop has three countersunk holes for installation. Providing three holes is more work and more expensive than just drilling one hole and a detent to keep the stop from spinning, but we thought this approach was worth the effort. We realized we could include three #8 screws with the stop. The three point mounting gives a lot of stability in both directions of usage. Three 1" screws leave plenty of clearance under the stop for mounting hardware, and three 1/2" screws will work fine in thin materials for other mounting methods.

Larger, more traditional planing stops typically require chopping a big square hole in your workbench. We hate that. We understand that some people don't mind the work and modification, but for us, modifying our workbench for specialized use is undesirable. Also, if you have the ability to move the planing stop around for different setups, it will be a lot more versatile. (Click the link below for our installation ideas.)

We stock the Stop in two versions: the “Mild Steel” version, which is unhardened, and a more expensive model in hardened steel for folks who expect more frequent use. The two versions of the Planing Stop have identical geometries and work equally well in grabbing the wood. Our thought, however, is that for frequent use the hardened version will stay sharper longer. For the occasional use, the mild steel version is more than adequate - at a lower cost. We are manufacturing both entirely in-house.

Each stop comes with 2 sets of 3 #8 wood screws. 1/2" and 1" long.

Made in USA.
"Easy to install planing stop." - Popular Woodworking magazine

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